Lisle 41400 Stepped Pickle Fork Kit


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Lisle 41400 Stepped Pickle Fork Kit

Features and Benefits

  • Step Design Helps Keep Tool from Bouncing Back When Separating Ball Joints, Steering Dampeners, Tie Rods, Pitman Arms and Other Applications.
  • Six tools in one.
  • Three forks and two handles.
  • Forks are threaded to interchange with either handle.
  • One handle for hammering; one for use with an air hammer (.401” shank).
  • Forks are heavy-duty heat-treated, alloy steel forgings.
  • Steps can be resharpened if needed.

Available Individually:

Part Number Description
 41410  1-1/8" Stepped Fork
 41420  11/16" Stepped Fork
 41430  15/16" Stepped Fork
 41510  Handle
 41520  Pneumatic Driver


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


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