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Auto Meter BUSPRO-662 Agm Optimized Smart Battery Charger - 6 Channel, 230V 5 Amp

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Auto Meter BUSPRO-662 Agm Optimized Smart Battery Charger - 6 Channel, 230V 5 Amp

The 230 volt BusPro-662 model is a multi-station 5 amp smart charger specifically optimized for use with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Batteries. These completely automatic charging stations are ideal for fleets, shops, and parts stores due to the advanced new circuitry designs and controls specifically designed for the proper and safe charging and maintenance of AGM batteries which makes overcharge impossible. BusPro Series chargers utilize individual transformers and microprocessors for both low and high volume battery charging applications. This allows each channel to work independently and charge the battery correctly and in a timely manner. This unit has two LED lights per channel to visibly indicate whether the unit is connected, charging, topping off, completed charging, or a bad/reverse connection. 


  • 230 volt, 6 channel 5 amp smart charger
  • AGM Optimized – AutoMeter’s engineers have worked closely with the leading Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery manufacturers to develop the most effective and efficient charging practices for this unique battery type. Products featuring the AGM Optimized fe
  • Capable of being mounted on a shop wall to help reduce clutter and free up vital floor space. Heavy duty wall mounting brackets and 6' leads per channel come standard.
  • Includes six 5 amp transformer stations which can be "doubled up" for quicker 10 amp charging to save time or split out to double the charger’s capacity at a lower 2.5 amp charge rate.
  • Utilizes two LED lights per channel to visibly indicate: 1) Battery is connected, charging, and is less than 70% charged. 2) Battery is connected, charging, and is at least 70% charged. 3) Battery is fully charged and being maintained at that level. 4) Ba
  • Charging at each station is micro-controlled and helps remove sulfation from batteries connected to the BusPro 662 unit.
  • Completely automatic "smart" charging with advanced circuitry enables station independent, safe charging that automatically adjusts the voltage/current relationship in order to maintain the battery at full charge.
  • 220 Volt 6 channel 5 AMP Smart Charger
  • New Circuitry and Controls for Proper and Safe AGM Battery Charging
  • Micro Controlled Pulse Current Removes Sulfation
  • Will Not Overcharge/Overstress Battery