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Rousseau Metal SRP1407M Hanging Rack, Single Hanging Rail (Mobile) (96"W x 36"D x 75"H)

Rousseau Metal

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Rousseau Metal SRP1407M Hanging Rack, Single Hanging Rail (Mobile) (96"W x 36"D x 75"H)


Name Hanging Rack, Single Hanging Rail (Mobile) (96"W x 36"D x 75"H)
Construction Unassembled
No. Shelves 12
Material Painted steel
Height (inches) 75
Depth (inches) 36
Width (inches) 96
Products line Spider Shelving
Type Starter unit


  • 300 lb capacity per rail..
  • Hooks pivot once installed on the rail. They can be put on and taken off the rail at all times.
  • Capacity: 50 lb per hook.
  • Versatile structure, to which a wide range of accessories can be added.
  • A functional design that ensures it's easy to use.
  • For personalized configuration, contact us!


  • 2 Welded open upright for mini-racking, sr universal post (36"D X 75"H).
  • 1 Mobile spider unit handle (36"D).
  • 3 Heavy-duty tie bar (36"D).
  • 2 Single Hanging Rail (96"WX36"D).
  • 25 Hook For rail.
  • 1 Mobile base for spider shelving (99 1/8"W X 36"D).
  • 1 6" Rigid casters (for spider shelving & mini-racking)
  • 1 6" Swivel with brake casters (for spider shelving & mini-racking)
  • 3 Heavy-duty beams (96"W X 2 1/2"H).
  • 12 Box shelf (36" W x 24"D).


Lifetime Warranty on Drawer Roller Mechanism.

Rousseau offers a one year warranty on all materials and workmanship.

The Rousseau guarantee does not cover damage caused by overloading of the products, abusive use, incorrect or negligent use, damage from poorly installed products, nor damage due to use that does not conform to the recommendations outlined in Rousseau documents.

Any doubt please reach out to us at 800-562-4791.