Zinko ZNP-10P 10 Ton Steel Base Bottle Jack With Gauge


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Zinko ZNP-10P 10 Ton Steel Base Bottle Jack With Gauge

Bottle Jack, 10 ton, Steel Base with force gauge
Designed to distinctly display the force output by the jack on a large 4" gauge, a Powerful heavy-duty jack that is ideal for use in the automotive, machinery and construction industry.
Heavy duty hydraulic bottle jack; ideally used in automotive, machinery, and construction industry; steel base; 10 ton capacity


  1. Welded steel construction throughout - reduces metal fatigue allowing for a longer use life.
  2. Thick steel base provides excellent stability and strength.
  3. Special plating and heat treatment on ram, extension screw and pump plunger provides up to three times the corrosion resistance of standard chrome plating.
  4. Casing, cylinder and base are joined by electric welding for greater strength and are leak proof.
  5. Needle style release valve provides controlled pressure release.
  6. Safety valve device protects the hydraulic system from overload damage.
  7. Large 4" gauge provides accurate force reading in Metric Tons.
  8. All ZNP units are completely rebuildable and repairable. 
  • Special Heavy Duty Industrial plating and heat treatment provide a darker color ram, extension screw and pump plunger that resists corrosion up to three times that of traditional chrome plating. 


Capacity (ton)


Min. Height (in)


Max. Height (in)


Ram Lift (in)


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Saddle Diameter(in)


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