Branick 130 Nitrogen Auto-Inflator / Cylinder Combo Cart


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Branick BRA120 Nitrogen Auto-Inflator / Cylinder Combo Cart

Branick 120 Nitrogen Auto Inflator Details

Need flexibility with automotive, light truck or commercial nitrogen inflation? The Model 120 Cart allows you to either connect to a generator or use the cylinder configuration to deliver high purity nitrogen service with easy mobility. The Model 120 is fully automatic and comes standard with four hoses with clip chucks, though there are six conversion ports capable of handling duallies or spares. The unit can operate all day on battery power or can be plugged into a 110v outlet. With features like full programmability, a top-off function and a pressure range up to 145 psi, the model 120 will make your nitrogen service simple, fast and economical.


  • Connect to a generator  or use cylinder configuration
  • Comes with four hoses with ability to add  two more
  • Battery powered or plug into 120V outlet


  • Deliver high purity nitrogen with ease mobility
  • Services multiple tires at once including duallies or spares
  • Allows for mobility
  • Ease of use


  • Operation Temp - 10 to 158 F
  • Dimensions 58” x 20” x 16”
  • Weight 90 Lbs.
  • Battery 12V
  • Power Supply 110V
  • Pressure Range up to 145psi
  • Max Input Pressure 175psi
  • Min Input Pressure 30 psi greater than set pressure

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