3 Awesome Smartphone Apps your Customers are Using

3 Awesome Smartphone Apps your Customers are Using

4th Nov 2015

For the last couple of years, everyone uses their smartphones and mobile devices for.. well, everything. From purchasing toothpaste to asking yahoo why your windshield wipers aren’t spraying water, smartphones help us get through the day and many claim to not be able to live without them (apparently they did just fine prior to having them).

Every industry has since benefited from mobile devices and the auto repair shop industry has been no exception, from review sites such as Yelp, to DIY apps helping car owners become more knowledgeable, people love apps and here’s why you should too. Let JMC walk you through 5 Awesome Smartphone Apps your Customers are Using.


Recent drops in oil will probably slow down the use of this app a little but that doesn’t mean it isn’t helpful. Gasbuddy basically kills two birds with one stone as it helps us find gas stations near us and even goes as far as to inform users which gas stations have the cheapest gas. Doesn’t sound very cutting-edge but it has been useful. GasBuddy also offers daily $100 certificates for free gas, that’s always cool.


One of the most common questions among vehicle owners is, is my vehicle really a gas guzzler? Or am I really driving that much? Well, with Accufuel app, you’ll get your answer. If you have multiple vehicles, this app will tell you which of your vehicles is indeed the biggest gas guzzler and whether or not you're getting the miles to the gallon as you were promised.

Accufuel, instantly helps you see whether or not your different driving habits affects your fuel efficiency.


For shop owners, this might be one of the most important apps geared directly towards you and your business. RepairPal helps users find repair shops near them that have been previously approved by other drivers in the area. Not too different from Yelp or other review sites but RepairPal also offers a roadside assistance option (that will only charge you if you use it instead of paying annual fees), track your repairs option (you can record what you’ve done to your vehicle as well as a checklist of what’s pending) and most importantly, get estimates as to how much upcoming services may potentially cost.

There are dozens of apps out there that cater to gearheads looking to go that extra mile and track every single detail and statistic their vehicle has to offer. The most important thing shop owners should realize is, staying up to date with these apps can help your shop stick out and be front and center when a person is in need of a reliable repair shop.

What other app do you know of that’s useful to drivers?