Hofmann EESE900DX Deluxe ADAS Kit with Targets


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Factory Shipped.

Hofmann EESE900DX Deluxe ADAS Kit with Targets

Ready or not, ADAS equipped vehicles will pull into your shop. ADAS creates new challenges for repair shops, as many repairs result in the need for recalibration.

The ADAS Recalibration System features an innovative collection of precision tools with leading- edge design. It features a intuitive laser-guided target placement that ensures accurate, error-free positioning and increases shop productivity.

Unique OEM Based Centerline Set-Up Process

We’ve taken the time to understand the OEM procedures so you don’t have to. Our target placement guide uses clear, easy steps directly identified from the OEM, eliminating uncertainty.

As many OEMs require vehicles to be in proper wheel alignment before ADAS recalibration, pair the EZ-ADAS system with Hofmann audit alignment check to validate OEM specifications and have automatic access to target placement instructions.

To learn how ADAS Impacts on Wheel Alignment click here

Hofmann EZ-ADAS laser technology

Laser Technology

Laser-guided positioning for a fast and accurate target placement.

Hofmann EZ-ADAS mirror stand

Mirror Laser Stand

Easy centerline setup using mirror stand for accurate positioning.

Hofmann EZ-ADAS target

Patent-Pending Target Positioning

Target placement guides with OEM specifications.

Hofmann EZ-ADAS fold-up and roll away

Fold-up and Roll Away

Space-saving design reduces the need for extra shop storage.

Hofmann EZ-ADAS Mobile App

Exclusive Mobile App

Get access to real-time data for OEM diagnostic updates and ADAS setup.

  •  Puts the data right at your fingertips
  • Simple step-by-step setup instructions
Basic Kit Includes - Front Camera Targets





Forward Camera Recalibration Target Kit

Honda | Acura X X
Hyundai | Kia X X
Mazda X X
Nissan | Infiniti  X X
Audi | Volkswagen X X
Mercedes-Benz X X
Toyota | Lexus X X
Subaru   X
Mitsubishi   X

Rear Camera Recalibration Targets

Audi | Volkswagen   X
Mercedes-Benz   X

Front Radar Recalibration Reflector

Honda | Acura   X
Mazda   X
Toyota | Lexus   X

Kit Components

Target Stand X X
Alignment Fixture X X
Alignment Fixture w/ Laser X X
Laser Assembly (2) X X
Alignment Plate X X
Tape Rule X X
Tape Rule Stand X X
Extension Arm (2) X X
Rear Alignment Plate   X
Radar Alignment Stand   X

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