Tsunami EDV Timed Solenoid with built in strainer - 230/50Hz AC (special order - minimum 100pcs)


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Factory Shipped.

Tsunami EDV Timed Solenoid with built in strainer - 230/50Hz AC (special order - minimum 100pcs)


Failure to routinely drain your compressor manually or by other means can contaminate compressed air systems and ruin your pneumatic tools and their application. The Moisture Minder® Electronic Drain Valve uses a fixed strainer screen to trap contaminants before they reach the orifice, fouling the armature. The Moisture Minder® self-cleaning drain has a ball valve integrated into the drain body which, when opened manually, allows a blast of air to remove captured contaminants from the strainer screen.

Key features and benefits: 

  • Solid state adjustable timer with test button.
  • Stainless steel internal armature and shaft.
  • Dual sized inlet.
  • ¼” NPT ID - ½” NPT OD thread fittings.
  • Large 4mm internal orifice.
  • Made in America.


  • POWER:230VAC / 50HZ
  • ITEM #:21999-0177-230-50
  • INLET (NPT):¼ ID / ½ OD
  • OUTLET (NPT):¼
  • MAX PSI:250
  • MAX °F:175
  • WEIGHT:1
  • DIMENSIONS (IN):5½ X 3½ X 3½


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