Specialty Lifts

Automobile lifts don’t just fall into a main lift category such as 2 post, 4 post or scissor lifts, there is also a category called specialty lifts. The specialty automotive lift category includes everything from pit lifts, turf equipment lifts, mid rise and low rise lifts.

Specialty lifts are designed to deliver the same power needed for cars without eating much work room. The Bendpak MD-6XP Mid Rise Lift has a very powerful portable unit system because mid-rise lifts need that additional hoist height. The design for the power unit is to make sure that operator comfort is ensured. In addition to that, maneuvering around the car will not be a problem because of the multi-position safety locks situated strategically.

Low rise specialty lifts have a different use from mid-rise lifts. They are specifically used for brake pads or tire changes because they don't need much lifting height. Low rise specialty lifts like the Bendpak LR-60 6,000- lb. Capacity Low-Rise Lift allows the same dynamic system and powerful unit for lifting. It is equipped with a Rugged steel channel frame and multi-position safety locks that allows a flexible system for working. Lastly, the details of the designs on these models can be customized to meet specific customer needs.


  • Hofmann SOET9000 9K variolift™ Double-Scissor

    Hofmann Soet9000 9K Variolift Double-Scissor
    $16,410.00 $13,048.00

    Hofmann SOET9000 9K variolift™ Double-Scissor9K  The Hofmann 9K variolift Double-Scissor General-Purpose lift is designed to accommodate a large range of vehicles. It's low-profile design allows simple drive-over or it can be installed as a...

  • Nussbaum Jumbo 9000 9,000 lb Double Scissor Lift

    Nussbaum Jumbo 9000 9,000 lb Double Scissor Lift
    $17,614.00 $11,512.22

    Nussbaum Jumbo 9000 9,000 lb Double Scissor Lift JUMBO LIFT 9000 is a double scissor lift with a capacity of up to 9,000 pounds. It is the perfect lift for car inspection, tire service, fast repair and dealerships and service centers. It allows workshops...