Sidewinder M2 Solvent Recovery System Sidewinder


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Factory Shipped.

Sidewinder M2 Solvent Recovery System Sidewinder

The Sidewinder model M-2 Solvent Recovery System, made in the USA, has become the industry’s number one choice because it’s hassle free and saves dollars. Load it with dirty solvent, press the button, you’re done. Self-monitoring, it turns off automatically and you have clean gun wash and cleanup solvents, ready for reuse. The Sidewinder reduces the volume of hazardous materials on site and all but eliminates the need to transport liquid hazardous waste on our streets and highways. UL Listed. Made in the USA.

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  • UL LISTED - The Sidewinder Model M-2 is the first (as of 11/04/97 the only) UL Listed Solvent Recycler in the world.
  • MEETS UL 2208 - UL 2208, Standard for Solvent Distillation Units is the US National Standard. Sidewinder Model M-2 is certified by UL to meet the requirements of UL 2208.
  • CURRENT CODES - 1997 Uniform Fire Code requires that a Solvent Recycler be listed by a nationally recognized third party testing agency and that it be certified by the testing agency to meet the requirements of UL 2208 Standard for Solvent Distillation Units.
  • COMPLIES FOR USE IN ORDINARY NON-HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS - According to the Standard and Codes, a Solvent Recycler either complies for use in non-hazardous areas or it doesn't and must be put in either a Class I, Division 2 or Class I, Division 1 hazardous location. The Sidewinder Model M-2 complies for use in non-hazardous locations.
  • NO EXPENSIVE SEALS OR GASKETS TO REPLACE - Sidewinder design doesn't require the $100.00 to $300.00 annual expense for replacement seals, orings or gaskets.
  • HASSLE FREE - It couldn't be more simple. Load the unit with dirty solvent, 5 gallon bucket and all. Replace the lid. Press the button.
  • SINGLE BUTTON OPERATION - What more can we say?
  • RELIABLE - Follow the simple maintenance routine, for years of trouble free operation. We have many units in the field past their TWENTIETH year.
  • EFFICIENT REFRIGERATION CONDENSED - We're the only one we know of that uses refrigeration to condense. The alternatives are: forced air - not totally efficient in warm climates or water cooled - wastes lots of water, messy and special consideration must be given to plumbing, water storage, water treatment and waste water disposal.
  • OZONE SAFE HFC-134a REFRIGERANT - Big brother made us do it, but it turned out for the best. We were able to get a larger horsepower unit to fit the same R-12 frame and it is more efficient than the old method.
  • SELF MONITORING - Sidewinder regulates temperature, engages condensing system, oversees built in safety fail-safes, initiates cool down and shuts off. All automatic.
  • AUTO SHUTDOWN - You go about your business. Sidewinder knows when to shut off, even if you've given it your worst case mess. Solvents only, please - no water or water base.
  • PROCESSING BAGS OPTIONAL - We personally like the convenience of Sidewinder processing bags but they are optional. See FAQ.
  • 110-120 VOLTS - Easy to find a home, no special 240 volt wiring.
  • NO WATER HOOKUPS - This goes back to Hassle Free. Water cooled units - waste lots of water, are messy and special consideration must be given to plumbing, water storage, water treatment and waste water disposal. Hassle.
  • MICRO CONTROL LOGIC - This time tested, rugged circuitry makes the operation simple.
  • SAFETY FAILSAFE & SHUTDOWNS - If something is unusual the control simply shuts it down.
  • MADE IN USA - It's where we live, work, and play.
  • FULL 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY - If you want to read the real thing, click here.


Sidewinder M2 Solvent Recovery System Sidewinder Specs

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