PKS Lifts PKMC-20-4-BO 80,000 Lbs Battery Operated Mobile Lifts w/ PC Board Controls (Set of 4)

PKS Lifts
80,000 Lbs

Please contact us for pricing and availability at 800-562-4791.

Please contact us for pricing and availability at 800-562-4791.

20,000 lb per column capacity, PC Controls - Battery Operated (24V DC) - 4" Steel roller bearings in 7/8" fork lift mast channel - operates as a synchronized set, in pairs or single column model - From 2 to 36 Possible Column Combinations

Our PC Mobile Lifts are configured with multiple primary and secondary columns giving them the ability to operate in “pair mode”.  This means that each set of primary and secondary columns, in a multi-Column Mobile Lift, are capable of simultaneously functioning independently of each other.  Any additional pair not being used to lift a vehicle can act as a tire dolly.

Our PC Mobile Lifts are extremely versatile with the ability to service a variety of vehicles ranging from small passenger cars to heavier freight trucks and industrial machinery. They become exceptionally advantageous when using our extensive assortment of accessories and adapters.

  • Plug & Play – No Installation Costs
  • Safety features include positively engaged column locks while the lift is not in operation with 21 locking positions at 3” intervals.
  • Electric hydraulic full rise lifting in 66 seconds (67” to the bottom of the fork).
  • Single point electric solenoid lock releases.
  • Adjustable forks that accommodate wheels from 22” to 48” in diameter.
  • Standard 12” fork length.  (22” length optional)
  • 7/8” forklift mast channel with sealed steel roller bearings.
  • P/U coated steel wheels with pallet style jacking mechanism for easy mobility.
  • Premium PPG Alkyd Enamel finishes with Titanium Dioxide.
  • Chain-driven rotary encoders to accurately control column height.
  • A wide range of accessories available including Fork Lift Adapters.

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