PKS Lifts PK16E 16,000 Lbs Symmetric Two Post Lift w/ PLC Control

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16,000 Lbs

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Factory Shipped

2-Post Steel Roller Bearings Clear Floor Symmetric PLC Control.

Our electronically equalized or E-series lifts are the best in class.  They range in capacities from 16,000 lb. to an unprecedented 33,000 lb. and are ALI Gold certified.  They come with Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) that ensure quick synchronized lifting and safety. Our E-series lifts offer superior lifting solutions ideal for a variety of vehicles and are used across a wide range of sectors including but not limited to municipality transit, para-transit, municipal energy and military institutions.

  • Constructed of maintenance free, Structural 7/8″ Fork Lift Mast Channel.
  • High Quality 4” sealed steel roller bearings for increased durability and strength.
  • Electronically operated and PLC controlled with an easy to use interface that ensures synchronized lifting and user safety.
  • Emergency Stop on the control panel.
  • Designed with an automatic mechanical load holding locking device.
  • Easy to adjust three-stage telescopic arms
  • Multi-position geared arm locking restraints with a single point lock release that makes arm positioning easy and rearranging quickly.
  • Low profile arms with 5-1/2″ of clearance from the arm pad to the shop floor.
  • No Equalization Cables or Overhead Beams
  • Clear Floor Design Optimizing shop workspace.
  • Two 3 HP motors available in a range of voltages to suit your needs.
  • Bolster made from 1” thick steel plate.

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