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PhantomPark Subterranean Parking Lift

The PhantomPark is the newest and most innovative 2-deck subterranean parking system in the world and it is made in America. The deck structure and components are completely concealed below ground so there is no indication that a lift (or second car) is present when lowered. PhantomPark is a unique breed of lift for the uncompromising property owner. American Custom Lifts has sold more subterranean car lifts than any other lift company in the world. We have the needed expertise to make sure your project goes smoothly from start to finish. No other company can make the same claim.

Hydraulic or Mechanical Lift Mechanism

American Custom Lifts offers different models of our acclaimed PhantomPark subterranean parking lift. All of our models are suitable for both commercial and residential parking applications. Hydraulic models come with either a scissor lift or a four post lift mechanism powered by hydraulic rams. Our mechanical model comes with an industry best, fully-mechanical four post lifting mechanism. We can also customize your PhantomPark to meet your exact specifications.

Features and Benefits

The PhantomPark is the only American made subterranean car lift that meets all applicable ANSI MH29.1 safety specifications.  We offer a variety of PhantomPark subterranean models, each offering a different platform size, capacity and travel.  We also can build a custom PhantomPark to meet your specific needs.

  •  Double your space by parking two vehicles in the footprint of one parking stall
  •  Unobtrusive and secure – the lift and lower vehicle are completely concealed
  •  Aesthetically pleasing – canopy surface can be tiled to match surroundings
  •  Multiple units can be installed side-by-side for use in condo’s, offices etc.
  •  Ideal for low-ceiling applications – use as ‘vertical tandem parking’ to save space
  •  Safe, easy to operate
  •  Made in America

Paints & Finishes

AC Lifts’ standard enamel finishes are suitable for most general commercial and industrial environments, but there are some applications where very special finishes are required. This Tech Sheet provides a complete summary of the custom finishes that are commonly offered and gives some typical applications where those finishes might be used. Note that more than one finish may be acceptable in an application. This single Tech Sheet cannot possibly cover of all the considerations, but it hopefully will serve as a guide. Where specific detailed information is needed, consult with marketing.  

Product Specifications

The PhantomPark is a two-deck in ground car lift designed to store one car on the top platform (canopy) in the lowered position and to raise or lower a vehicle stored on the lower platform. The PhantomPark can also be custom built to raise or lower two (2) vehicles simultaneously or lift one vehicle in low ceiling applications. The deck structure and lifting / synchronizing components are completely concealed below ground so there is no indication that a lift (or second car) is present when lowered. The PhantomPark can also be used for transporting vehicles from grade level to an upper level.  

Product Downloads:

More about how the PhantomPark works

PhantomPark Subterranean Parking Lift – How It Works

So what is behind the unique, patent-pending “hydro-mechanical” equalization system that is setting the four-post subterranean lift above and apart from the traditional scissors style vehicle lifts? How is it that the four post design can raise TWICE the live load of a scissors design in almost HALF the time – while weighing almost HALF as much? Because the mechanically-disadvantaged horizontal cylinders and heavy leg assembly associated with the scissors design have been replaced with more efficient vertical cylinders and a “four-wheel drive” chain equalization system to stabilize and support the carriage throughout the lift travel.

Here’s how the PhantomPark four-post patent-pending hydro-mechanical system works:

1. Lifting

Four vertical, direct acting cylinders are mounted to the lower carriage, one near each of the four corners. The cylinders push directly off the basement floor and provide ALL of the lifting power needed to raise and support the lift and its load.

2. Leveling

In concept, the patent-pending mechanical synchronization system acts very much like a “four-wheel drive” system where the front and rear shafts are forced to rotate in unison because they are mechanically linked together. So, regardless of weight distribution across the lift carriage, the four corners move up and down in perfect unison with each other because they are
mechanically forced to do so: side-to-side because of the steel shafts, front-to-back because of the shared set of heavy duty synchronization chains.

3. Vertical Stability

The unique over-under wrap of the fixed-end synchronization chains around each of the four double sprockets and to their terminating points at the tops and bottoms of the corner guides effectively “trap” the sprockets – and carriage. In this way, the chains also provide added stability and resistance to deflection when an off-centered load is placed on the carriage, and as each axle is driven over the edge of the lift during vehicle loading & unloading.

4. Lateral Stability

Corner guide assemblies are installed at each of the four lift corners to provide lateral stability and guidance of the lower carriage throughout the lifts travel. All upper and lower termination points for each of the equalization chains are integrated into these guides.

5. Hydro-Mechanical Safety Features

Hydraulic Velocity Fuse in Each Cylinder – To stop free-fall of lift within 2” in the unexpected event of a catastrophic hose or fitting failure.

3 to1 Factor of Safety – Structural strength and Hydraulic component ratings

6 to 1 Factor of Safety – Synchronization chain strength

1-Year Parts and Accessories 10-Years Steel Structure

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