Maha Twin 9000 Double Scissor Lifts

Twin 9000

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Maha Twin 9000 Double Scissor Lifts

The TWIN 9000 is best suited for quick lube stations, car dealerships and automotive workshops. A combination of a very low clearance height and long platform length give users the distinct ability to safely lift a diverse style of vehicles.

  • 9,000 lbs capacity
  • Above-floor or flush-floor installation
  • Low profile (5.2”) accommodates short wheel base vehicles
  • Long platform length (61.25”-81.5”)
  • Automatic scissor synchronization
  • Acoustic Lowering Alarm
  • No in-between connections allow technicians free access around the lift
  • Work on more vehicles - up to five TWIN 9000s fit in the same space that would normally only support three 2-post lifts
  • Ramp extensions available
  • Support blocks and polymer pads for underbody protection available   
  • ALI Certified (TWIN 9000)








Raising Lever

  • Smooth extension and retraction when fully lowered.
  • Ensures a powerful lifting force—even in the lowest height range.

Automatic Scissor Synchronization

  • Unlike the competitor’s systems, the TWIN 9000 automotive lift does not require manual synchronization. 
  • 2-cylinder system with a cable pull potentiometer electronically measures cylinder movement and automatically equalizes the travel.


Safety Features               

  • Acoustic signal control provides crush/pinch protection.
  • Every TWIN 9000 is equipped with an emergency shut off function.
  • A pipe breakage safety function adds security in the lifting cylinders.


Unique Arm Profile

  • Special scissor arm profile creates high directional stability.

Technical Data

Technical Data  TWIN 9000 Surfaced Mounted TWIN 9000 Flush Mounted
Lifting Capacity 9,000 pounds 9,000 pounds
Lifting Height 79.75" 73"
Lifting Time 53 seconds at full capacity 53 seconds at full capacity
Length of Platforms 61.25"-81.5" 61.25"-81.5"
Width of Platforms 25.5" 25.5"
Total Width Recommended 82.75" 82.75"
Motor Power 2 hp 2 hp
Fuse Protection 20 A 20 A
Compressed Ait Supply Min. 90 PSI Min. 90 PSI
Power Supply 208/230 V 60 HZ 1-Phase` 208/230 V 60 HZ 1-Phase`
Shipping Weight 2,700 lbs 2,700 lbs

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