Lanair Mx-300 Waste Oil Heater Package "D"


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MX-300 9966D Waste Oil Heater Package "D"

Product Summary

We combine the latest burner technology with the latest lean manufacturing efficiencies to produce a quality, reliable heater at the lowest price in the industry. Factor in unstable fuel prices and escalating disposal costs and you'll see that purchasing a Lanair Waste Oil Heater is indeed... "The Right Choice at the Right Time!"

The MXD-300 Waste Oil Heater is the ductable version of the MX-300 pushing out up to 300,000 BTU's an hour. It features a fine grained galvanized (rust-resistant) cabinet to protect it in most shop environments, a high performance MX series burner that burns more efficient than any other burners to date, an internal squirrel cage blower to reduce excess noise in your shop, adjustable locking louvers to direct air flow or remove louvers to attach duct. The unit can be exhausted out the top, back, right, or left. All our units are UL listed so you can be assured that safety is a high priority with all Lanair products.

Technical Specifications:
Specifications: MXD-300
Heat Range (BTUH)* to 300,000
Fuel Input (GPH) 2.08
Heating Area (sq. ft)** to 10,000
Power Supply (AC) 120 V.6OHz 20 Amp
Cabinet Dimensions (H-W-D) 36"x46"x54"
Hanging weight (lbs.) 650
Blower (CFM) 1696
Chimney Pipe*** 8" Class "A"
Compressed Air**** 2 CFM - 15 PSI
Combustion Chamber 10 Gauge CRS
Ductable Option Yes
Chimney Location Top




Lanair Products LLC (Manufacturer) warrants to the original purchaser of this used oil heater, that it will repair or replace at Lanair Products LLC option, any part which is in normal use proves to be defective in material or workmanship within a period of one year from the date of purchase, provided same is returned (transportation pre-paid) F.O.B. Janesville Wisconsin, for Lanair Products LLC inspection and warranty determination. Normal wear and tear items are not covered. Lanair Products does not warrant paint finish. The warranty does not cover labor charges involved with part replacement or service unless pre-authorized in writing. Lanair Products LLC may also require photographs of the heater installation for warranty determination.

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