Herkules K900R Lift - vehicle - with swivel swing arms - side to side rail system (4-scissors)

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Herkules K900R Lift - vehicle - with swivel swing arms - side to side rail system (4-scissors)


Herkules K900R Vehicle Lift -5000 lb capacity. The K900R Vehicle Lift is ideal for many applications including body repair, vehicle inspection & estimation, tire change & rotation, detailing and brake work. Includes wheel mount frames to manuever vehicle side to side on a rail system. Swing arms are adjustable to connect with the manufacturer's recommended vehicle lifting points. A hand controller including 12 feet of air hose is standard with the K900R Lift. NOTE: Please Call for Freight Quote.Made in the USA.


  • Wheel Mount Frame - Easily maneuver your vehicle side to side around the shop.
  • Internal Automatic Safety Arm -- To work safely at numerous heights.
  • Pop-off Safety Valve-- To prevent over inflation of the Air Bag.
  • Rubber Blocks -- Four 3.9" x 5" x 1.5" and four 3.9" x 8" x 1.5 included
  • Warranty -- 5 year limited warranty on the Herkules Air Bag
  • Pure Vertical Lift -- Vehicles are raised straight up and lowered straight down
  • Options:
  • Foot Controller -- Includes 12 feet of air hose. (Hand controller is standard)
  • Height Extenders -- Add to swing arms for increased lifting height.
  • Suspension Conversion Kit -- Convert K900R Lift to raise vehicles by the
  • tires.
  • Above or Below Ground Track -- Efficiently guide Lift & vehicle around shop.

Technical Specs

  • Air input (psi): 60 - 120
  • Capacity (lbs): 5000
  • Platform (in): Deck 38 x 50
  • Overall: 39.25 x 61.50
  • Lowered height (in): 4.5
  • Travel (in): 25.4
  • Raised height (in): 30
  • Controller: Hand operated
  • Stationary / portable: Portable rail - sideways mobile
  • Load: Vehicle frame / rocker
Warranty Information
At Herkules we take great pride in the construction of our American-made products, and we stand behind their reliability. Our limited liability warranty coverage includes:
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Carts & Stands: This equipment is warranted for one year from the date of purchase against defective workmanship and materials.
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This warranty does not apply to equipment damaged from accident, abuse, overload, misuse, negligence, improper installation, abrasive or corrosive materials, or shipping damage.
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