Corghi Eyelight Wheel Balancer Auto/Lt 110V/208vac


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Corghi Eyelight Wheel Balancer Auto/Lt 110V/208vac

 Electronic wheel balancer with display for passenger cars, light transport vehicles and motorcycles.


  • Automatic Wheel Clamping - New electromechanical system which reduces working times and increases centering precision.
  • Measures Dimensions with Touchless System - High precision laser sensors automatically measure all wheel dimensions in a few seconds during the measurement cycle.At the same time the laser sensors automatically measure and provide the operator with the balancing positions calculated and proposed By the system with maximum precision in just a few seconds during the measurement cycle.
  • Automatic positioning - At the end of the spin the wheel is braked and automatically brought to the balancing position. The integrated led light illuminates the work area to facilitate rim cleaning and application of the counterweights.
  • Counterweight Application - The internal point laser indicates, with maximum precision, the position of application of adhesive counterweights.
  • Run-Out by Laser - High-precision measurement of radial and lateral wheel run-out (1st harmonic and peak-to-peak) and calculation of the best coupling of parts, resolving the typical problems of road vibration.
  • Ipos (Intelligent Positioning) - Special diagnostic tool for the vehicle wheel set monitoring:
    - Tread wear - drift angles - run-out - unbalance Once all the wheels have been stored, eyelight proposes their optimal placement on the vehicle for maximum comfort and safety.
  • Touchscreen Interface - The graphical interface and touchscreen technology simplify and speed up operations and work programme selection.
  • Weight management - Special program collection including less weight which saves time and counterweights, increasing the economic benefits and safeguarding the environmental.
  • USB Ports - For connection to peripheral devices and easy software upgrading
  • Multi-function (One-Touch) Button - Speeds up selection of the various work programmes.
  • Weight Tray - Ergonomic and functional, with large trays for the different types of counterweights and tool positioning
  • Space-saving Wheel Casing (Patented) - Designed to allow positioning of the wheel balancer against the wall and to accommodate wheels with diameter of up to 44” (1118 mm).
  • Inclined Front Part - to improve operator access to the inside of the rim.
  • Rear Splash Guard - With slots for additional accessories
  • New Features Added
    • Side storage for the Collets
    • Adapter for Tape Weight Holder

Standard Accessories

  • Pliers
  • Width gauge
  • Calibration slugs
  • Wheel centering and locking kit 42-118.5 mm

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