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Cemb SM56T Heavy Duty Off Road Tractor Tire Changer

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Cemb SM56T Universal Tire Changer for Commercial/Agricultural Applications

A heavy-duty off-road tractor tire changer with wheel clamping range from 14”-46”, maximum tire diameter of 90” and maximum tire width 42”. Perfectly suited for tube and tubeless tires used on heavier off-road farm and commercial use tractors.

  • Self-centering wheel clamping from 13”-27” diameter and tire diameters to 63”.  Nominal HD truck wheel service ranges from 15” to 24.5” rims.
  • Utilizes a self-centering four jaw clamping jaw drive system which doubles as a wheel lift.
  • All operation controlled from a portable control unit to gain access to multiple areas around the tire and wheel during service. Aids in tire bead lubrication, demounting and mounting.
  • Bi-directional rotation of the clamping system works with an adjustable bead loosening arm with up to 6000 LbF. (2720 KgF)
  • Operated with a simple to use hand-held control unit.
  • Heavy duty 220v, 3 ph. 50/60 Hz high torque motor.
  • Final assembly and tested in the USA.


  • Mobile cable control unit
  • Two speed hydraulic pump motor
  • Bi-directional rotation
  • Self centering universal wheel chuck
  • Rim pliers and rim lever standard


  • Power Supply - 220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 ph
  • Rim Clamping Range - 14″ – 46″ (56″ with optional access.)
  • Max. Tire Outside - 2,300 mm (90.5″)
  • Max. Tire Width - 1,070 mm (42″)
  • Max. Tire Weight - 3,300 lbs (1,500 Kg)
  • Bead Breaker Force - 6,000 lbs (2,721 Kg)
  • Operating Pressure - 130 bar (1,885 psi)
  • Gross Ship. Weight - 2,000 lbs (907 Kg)

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