Car Caddy VP - Motorized Vehicle Puller

Motorized Vehicle Puller

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DJ Products Car Caddy VP – Motorized Vehicle Puller

Vehicle Puller Applications

The Car Caddy Vehicle Puller is specifically designed for pulling vehicles easily, safely, and efficiently without causing damage to the bumper or body of the vehicle. Their Car Caddy Vehicle Puller is designed for automotive and truck repair centers, car dealers, body shops, manufacturers, auto museums, auctions and government highway service organizations.

The most common applications that require a Car Caddy Vehicle Puller is the pulling of a stalled or non-operable vehicle in and out of a service center, the moving of a vehicle on a dealership show room floor or an auction house or museum, or at the end of an auto production line. The unit’s power, size, maneuverability, and price tag make it an extremely attractive solution compared to alternative methods of moving wheeled vehicles in tight and confined areas.

The Car Caddy Vehicle Puller has many unique features over other methods to relocate vehicles including its hydraulic roller rams that effortlessly pull any two wheels of a vehicle up a ramp, off the ground, so the powered Car Caddy VP tug can easily and safely turn and maneuver the vehicle without the wheels of the vehicle moving. This operation eliminates the cumbersome straps, hooks, and brackets needed to lift and pull a vehicle, or the “bumping” of the vehicle from behind with rubber push pads.

Car Caddy VP - Motorized Vehicle Puller

Vehicle Puller Features

  • Vehicle Puller Pulls Vehicles Up to 20k lbs.
  • Hydraulic Roller Arms Easily & Safely Grabs Front Two Wheels
  • No Damaging Bumpers or Body of Vehicle
  • 36 volt 3 Battery System
  • Walk-Behind Design for Maneuvering in Confined Areas
  • 0-3 MPH Forward/Reverse
  • Charger works with 120/220 AC Outlets


  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • 2 HP 36 vdc Motor
  • WagonWheel Steer and Motor Drive System
  • High Tech Speed Controller
  • Neutral Throttle Regenerative Braking
  • Keylock Switch
  • 3 (12V) Maintenance Free Batteries Onboard Autosensing Charger Variable Speed Thumb Control
  • 3 mph Forward/ Reverse
  • Non-Marking Tires (Drive Tire and 4 Wheels)
  • Hydraulic Dual Tire Engaging System

Car Caddy Prices and Options

  • Car Caddy VP - $12,550
  • Car Caddy VP HD - $14,400
  • Saftey Stop Switch For Emergency Braking - $125
  • Upgrade to 5/15 amp water-proof charger - $150
  • Safety Horn - $95
  • Safety Light with Pole - $150

Car Caddy VP - Motorized Vehicle Puller

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