• Corghi Exact 70

    Corghi Exact 70
    $21,594.00 $17,995.00

    Corghi Exact 70  CCD sensor heads available in wireless or cable versions. Wireless version on 2.4 GHz industrial radio frequency. Battery charging on cabinet. The battery charger can support...

  • Corghi Exact Linear

    Corghi Exact Linear
    $20,766.00 $17,305.00

    Corghi Exact Linear  Camera wheel alignment Technology Fast ● Easy ● Precise ● Reliable ● Complete ● Quality at affordable prices TECHNICAL DATA Measuring ranges  Total toe ±...

  • Corghi Profile Scan

    Corghi Profile Scan
    $11,889.66 $9,908.05

    Profile Scan QUICK The reading of the profile is automatically activated on both sides. The reader comes out of its protection and reads the tyre profile with a rapid scanning. The sensor position,...