Baileigh Welding Positioners

Baileigh Welding Positioners

Baileigh Rotary, Tube, and Pipe Positioners

Performing welding work can be difficult without the help of the right equipment and tools. Tube and pipe welding positioners help by placing a part in the optimal welding position, for instance, making welding jobs a lot easier.

JMC Equipment offers a line of Baileigh tube and pipe positioners to help auto shops and fabrication facilities produce exceptional welds. Our equipment is easily rotatable, moreover,so they are undoubtedly one of the best tools for conducting precise and quicker welding work.

Enhanced Productivity, Reduced Worker Fatigue

Our welding positioners rotate around a 360° spin, allowing the user to stand in a single position and work on a level surface for longer periods. The reduced demand for movement prevents worker fatigue. Furthermore, it helps create high-quality welds by eliminating the need for overhead or vertical runs.

Trust our Baileigh tube and pipe positioners for better weld seam accessibility and improved deposition rates. Additionally, our models take up minimal floor space and contain mechanical, structural, and electrical features for safe and efficient operations.

Various Automotive Pipe Handling Applications

We stock tube and pipe positioners from Baileigh Industrial, a trusted source of metalworking and woodworking machinery worldwide.Auto shops and facilities trust the equipment we distribute to enhance productivity, especially when welding shafts, elbows, wheels, pipes, and other fittings are concerned.

We’ve helped automotive shops produce parts and components with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Some of these parts are made from steel, aluminum, plastic or composite — our positioners can meet the rigorous demand for vehicle parts fabrication.

Create heavy-duty parts with ease and improve your vehicle maintenance program. Contact us today for more information about our Baileigh products.

Baileigh Welding Positioners

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