Baileigh Belt and Disc Grinders

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Baileigh Belt and Disc Grinders

Baileigh Belt and Disc Grinders

Smoothen out large flat surfaces with JMC Equipment’s Baileigh belt and disc grinders for sale. Our power tools are equipped with electric motors that provide a seamless finish to metal, wood, and other materials.

Turn to our durable, high-quality machines for beautifully smooth results —you’ll complete your next project on time when you use them, too.

Multi-Purpose Units for DIY Work

Belt grinding is a production technique involving a belt covered in abrasive material, which runs over the surface. It removes excesses on a surface and creates the desired finish.

Standard equipment models contain a bench grinder and a belt sander combo, with both tools positioned on opposite sides of the motor. Auto shops and facilities may use the equipment as a standalone unit instead of attaching them to an existing machine. Either way, they secure directly to your workbench for ease of access during DIY work.

For optimum results, it helps to pair belt and disc grinders with accessories. With the right discs, belts, and compounds you can polish, buff, and sand automotive parts more efficiently.

Improving Automotive Metal Work

Adding a grinder and sander to your shop or facility’s workbench makes it easier to perform automotive repair and restoration work in one place. This includes flattening new welds, sharpening tools, bevelling edges, and more. For full-time fabricators, a belt grinder is important because it helps create a completely smooth surface within a short period.

Use our heavy-duty equipment to fabricate parts at your auto facility. Our products have a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Shape, sharpen, and polish materials with ease. Contact us to learn more about our Baileigh products.

 Baileigh Belt and Disc Grinders

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