Baileigh SH-8008-HD heavy duty hydraulic metal shear


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Baileigh SH-8008-HD heavy duty hydraulic metal shear

If you want ease of use, fast production, and money saving out of you next shear, then look no further that than the SH-8008-HD hydraulic metal shear from Baileigh Industrial.  At 24-36 strokes per minute, production time will be increased.  And it’s 8 gauge mild steel capacity will open your shop us to more jobs that you currently cannot do.  The SH-8008-HD uses a powerful 15 hp motor that runs on 220 volt three phase power to shear over its entire 80” length.

The top carriage of the SH-8008-HD moves via a bearing system that rides in a machine ground and hardened track that allows the machine to function so smoothly and it also dramatically increases blade life.   The Blades on the SH-8008-HD are also reversible and can be resharpened for dramatically improved life.  There are 12 hydraulic hold downs that securely hold the material and prevent it from lifting when shearing the sheet metal. The hold downs also extend blade life and prevent unnecessary upper carriage stress.

To operate the SH-8008-HD hydraulic metal shear a foot pedal controls the shear motion. This metal shear has a function that allows the operator to jog, complete one cycle, or have the machine run continuous cycles for high production of smaller parts.


Item Number SH-8008-HD
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Back Gauge Length 23.62"
Shear Length 80"
Motor 15 hp
Thickness (SS) 8 ga. (12 ga.)
Strokes Per Minute 24 – 36
Front Gauge Length 39.37"
Blade Angle 1/2° – 2° Adjustable
Blade Gap Adjustment Manual, Lever Acuated
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 7,260 lbs.
Minimum Material Thickness 24ga
Shipping Dimensions 130" x 48" x 65"

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