Cemb DWA1000XL 8 Sensor CCD Wheel Alignment System


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Factory Shipped.

cemb DWA1000XL 8 Sensor CCD Wheel Alignment System

Robust wireless eight camera CCD sensors and lightweight wheel clamps make up this four wheel alignment system; designed with state-of-art electronics and efficient software to align the vehicle without excessive key-closures, and a flexible alignment path to quickly move onto the next vehicle.


  • User Friendly Software
  • 30+ Year Vehicle Database
  • 8 Camera CCD Sensor
  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Laptop Computer
  • Wheel Clamps
  Windows Operating  Cabinet Icon 
Database Windows Operating System Cabinet & Computer
The new vehicle model ranking system allows a rapid and clear selection of the different vehicles    
 Printer Icon  Lithium Batteries  MEMS Accelerometer
Printer Lithium Batteries MEMS Accelerometer
    MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) shock proof silicon accelerometer
 Transmission Frequency Light Weight icon   
Transmission Frequency 2.4 Ghz Light Weight  


Power Supply 110V, 1ph
Wheel Clamps 12" - 24"
Shipping Weight: 335 lbs (152 Kg)

Standard Parts and Accessories

Rim Clamp  Grips/Pins Brake Pedal Depressor   Steering Wheel Holder Bungie Cord 
 46DW66130 46DWA7503   74A010479  74A010478  21DW76363

Optional Parts and Accessories

Pro Kit (PROKIT)

Vin Code Scanner

Turn Plates

Slip Plates  Wheel Clamp Extensions 
GBT4430   1300025140P  1300020407  46DW75803

Pro Plus Kit (PROPLUS)

Pin Plate Adaptor 2-Piece Truck Cone kit Pneumatic Wheel Lift Accessory Rack
Manual -41FFA6478 Pneumatic - 41FFA5298 41FF86174 46FL85170





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