AMH Ultramig 185 Versatile Mig Welder For Autobody Repair Shop


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Factory Shipped. Delivery Time: 5-8 Business Days

AMH Ultramig 185 Versatile MIG Welder for Autobody Repair Shop

A powerful machine at a reasonable price. All of the features and accessories of the 135 and 175 in a 200 amp shop model in a mobile 4 wheel cabinet. The 185 produces less sparks and spatter because wire speed and power are perfectly synchronized. Damage to glass, painted surfaces, and upholstery is considerably reduced. Capable of welding from 24 ga. To 3/8 inch steel. This machine is also suitable for MIG welding stainless steel and aluminum.


  •  Designed specifically with the end user in mind:
  • From amature to profesional
  • From steel to aluminium
  • From SYNERGIC to MANUAL operation
  • Perfect for manu welding applications
  • Optimum results at any setting
  • The most versatile welder available
  • All operations combined in one powerful machine
  • Synergic control: eliminates any guess work. Automatically adjusts volts, amps and wire feed by simply turning the control on the gun handle
  • Manual Control: enables the operator to fine tune the wire speed by using the control on the gun handle. Ideal when welding aluminium wire.







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