Accudraft Xcelerator Waterborne Paint Drying System for Spray Booths


Factory Shipped.

Factory Shipped.

Accudraft Xcelerator Waterborne Paint Drying System for Spray Booths


What is the Accudraft Xcelerator?
The Xcelerator is a filtered jet drying system that provides higher energy efficiency and faster curing times for automotive painting facilities.


The Xcelerator was developed in order to help high production collision centers meet and surpass their financial goals.

Often times, productivity is held back by paint drying time. Even the best managed collision center will eventually reach a production limit due to the finishing & drying process.

The Accudraft Xcelerator can nearly double finishing speeds overnight, turning any new or existing spray booth into a high performance machine.

How does the Xcelerator Work? 
The Xcelerator system is designed to drastically reduce your curing times by creating convection in the spray environment and drying coatings in 1 step instead of 2.

There are two specific issues that can slow down the curing process in a traditional automotive spray booth:

1. Formation of a boundary layer around the vehicle surface
2. Heat losses within the workspace and around the vehicle

◄ Boundary Layer
A layer of slow moving air that prevents standard rates of downdraft airflow from making contact with the freshly painted surface.

This issue becomes even more important to address as coatings become less and less VOC-based.

VOC's [Volatile Organic Compounds) are chemicals that are used to aid in the drying process. With low-VOC or water based paints, the help of VOC's is no longer present and evaporation times will increase especially when outdoor humidity is high.

◄ Heat Losses
Hot air rises even in a spray booth and cold bodies like concrete and cold, non-insulated walls can cool heated air as it travels. Heat efficiency is lost as the hottest air remains at the top and only the cooler air travels to the spray booth's exhaust point.

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